Interior Space Design Specialization: Bachelor in Industrial Design offers a B.Des degree in Interior Space Design. The specialization helps understand the basic units that enclose the space to be designed. Students learn how to observe, evaluate and form opinions of different design styles by analysing interior spaces.  Interior design is now a rich and sophisticated discipline which draws on many other disciplines like: psychology, cultural theory, philosophy, gender studies, anthropology, history, design history, architecture, arts and crafts, furniture, fashion, etc. The programme highlights the key concepts behind the study of interiors in order to present an interdisciplinary overview of the subject. 

           In this specialization students are sensitized to the capabilities and limitations of humans, both physical and mental and how these should be used to guide the design of spaces with which people interact. 

          The course enables students to be market ready and entrepreneurial with a global exposure and overall understanding for latest technology with a creative approach.