for SSPAD's B.Des through SEED

Name of Program : Bachelor of Design

Programme Outcomes (POs)

PO 1

Knowledge Competency : The basic and specific knowledge awareness for the said program

PO 2

Thinking ability : Thinking and decision knacks for the professional programme

PO 3

Sensitivity : to the ecology , society in terms of past and current issued and creating responsible indivisibles

PO 4

Individual development : In terms of presentation and communication skills , the working ability in groups and individual with Morals and values as a base.

PO 5

Advance research techniques and tools: The old and current techniques are outdated with the technology growth hence usage of advance tools and techniques in terms of teaching research and application is a base.

PO 6

Entrepreneurs and market ready : with management and finance understanding makes the students market ready.

PO 7

Eternal learning : Lifelong learning from the base for the overall growth.