Bachelor of design is a four-year degree programme offered by Symbiosis School of Planning Architecture and Design under the umbrella of FoAD – Faculty of Architecture and Design. The degree is awarded by the Symbiosis International University (SIU), Pune, which is established under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956 vide notification No. 9-12/2001-U.3 dated 10th November 2006 of UGC, Government of India. This programme is aimed at creating professionals who can contribute to the highly dynamic and competitive world of Design.

This programme is carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful in one's future study intentions. Students learn how to develop basic know-how and skills making effective use of the sketchbook, explore recording methods, develop visual perception, acquire professional attitudes to set projects and show a critical, contextual and historical awareness in the areas of design. First year (Foundation) comprises of Semester 1 and 2 and is common for all disciplines of B. Des Programme.

B. Des. programme further branches out into two major disciplines which have been categorized in the following areas:

  • Communication Design

  • Industrial Design

Communication Design

Communication design is a media-oriented discipline where the students are trained by experts in advertisement and media industry. The primary aim of our programme is to foster visual communication skills and design thinking in the areas of socio – political, cultural and educational media through art and design. The students undergo carefully designed courses such as advertisement & packaging design, visual communication and brand identity design.

The discipline of communication design further branches out in second year into two specializations which the student can choose based on their interest:

Specializations (Communication Design):

  • Graphic Design:

    The discipline of graphic design enables their students to create professional opportunities for themselves in the dynamic and glamorous industry of brand communication and advertisement design, after a rigorous training of four years by media professionals, graphic designers and artists.

  • User Experience Design:

    User experience design (UED) is a design centric approach towards understanding the human interaction with it's environment. The course, popularly known by its abbreviations: UXD, UED, or XD is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product / service by improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability provided in the interaction with a product.

    It includes
    - user study
    - visual design
    - interaction design
    - human psychology
    - human factors

    It is an end to end design process for any design solution which focuses on user-centred design. Through this process, students understand business goals, user needs, and challenges to perform the task. Ux designers are responsible for integrating functionality and making product efficient and usable. Therefore, while interacting with such product overall satisfaction of the user increases.

Industrial Design

The Industrial design programme at SSPAD concentrates on developing skills, knowledge and a problem-solving attitude among students who graduate from Symbiosis not merely as designers, but also as a socially aware citizen of India.

The students are encouraged to solve socially relevant problems during the course and interact with industries, institutions and social organizations during their project to understand, study, analyse and solve various kinds of existing problems. The final degree projects are an amalgamation of their skills, intelligence and social awareness put together in the form a product or system design.

Specializations (Industrial Design):

  • Product Design:

    Every product is the result of a process which begins with a concept or an idea and evolves into a design which can be manufactured. The product design team at SSPAD is enthusiastic about innovation and training students with latest software's and technologies in the industrial design arena.

  • Interior Space Design:

    From learning our historical past of art and architecture to designing modern living spaces with careful understanding of human ergonomics, interior space design emphasizes on the construction of functional and aesthetic interior spaces. The course enables a student to enhance their visual understanding through site visits and develop their technical skills through training in computer aided drawings.

Course Structure B. Des.